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From a very young age, I loved creating things and pretended to travel to far off places by use of my imagination. I loved reading all kinds of books, captured by the magic of the characters and their stories. I even had an imaginary friend named Elva.


I have experienced many different types of jobs, each teaching me the importance of discipline and patience. I've been a farm worker, a secretary in a mental health clinic, a college library worker, a secretary at a bank insurance agency, and a classroom teacher in public schools [grades 3-5]. Most importantly, I am a mom to my son and daughter, now grown-up.

I began writing in grade school, seriously writing in high school and college and continued writing during my teaching career. These days, I spend all of my free time writing children's stories and poems. I often write across genres and my writing portfolio includes picture books, a chapter book, middle grade novels, poetry, and I have a young adult WIP. I enjoy writing, as it allows me to enter worlds and know characters I may never experience in the real world, though I do sometimes use real people as models. Writing is very important to me. It's my happy place and I believe in my work.


I earned an Associate in Arts degree from the University of Mount Olive and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education with a minor in English Literature from Barton College. I have taken numerous writing courses, including two extensive writing seminars at NCCAT [N. C. Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Cullowhee, N. C.] 1. Writing From Your Roots Seminar  2. Selected Teacher Scholar Study Writer Seminar. I am a SCBWI PAL member [presence on SCBWI Blue Boards] and the N.C. Poetry Society. I have traveled near and far, as well as having lived in two places that begin with a G...Georgia, and Bavaria, Germany.


My hobbies include walking, gardening, traveling, and getting lost in antique shops, art museums, and galleries. 

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