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I need to write in order to feel normal. Writing completes me, gives meaning to my life and allows me to express my feelings. Above all, it brings me much happiness.


What age group is suitable for your work?


The stories I write are aimed at targeted audiences. I primarily write middle grade novels but I write other genres as well. 







Who is Linda Barshay?


I am a writer of children's stories and poems. I am a deep listener, a curious nature lover, a passionate animal lover, and a serious reader.



Why do you write?



How do you decide on voice, plots, characters, settings, etc?




One of my favorite authors, Madeleine L'Engle, said she always wrote the book that wanted to be written. I agree.


What do you want to accomplish during your writing career?

To write the best stories possible that I believe children will enjoy reading. To encourage children to develop a love of books. And, to always improve, with each new story. So, revision is a certainty within my writer's life.



What is your favorite type of story to write?


I give myself the freedom of jumping into differnet genres. That way, I can trust my instincts and my writing doesn't become  stale or predictable.


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